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Maya Khans

A pattern designer is a professional who makes designs that can be used over and over again, usually for textiles, wallpaper, and another home decor. These designs can be anything from simple geometric shapes to complicated drawings. They are used in many different fields, such as fashion, interior design, and product packaging.

1 – Design seamless patterns for textile, fabric prints by Cadlady

I offer textile print design services for any type of garment, home decor product, or other applications. You can choose from various color options and revisions, and I can deliver the files in any format you need.

The cost and time required will depend on the complexity of the pattern.

I can either create original patterns based on your concept or redraw existing artwork (upon request only).

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’m eager to work on new projects.

Let’s have a conversation about your project before placing an order to determine the best gig options for you. I always provide custom quotes.

2 – Create a cute seamless vector pattern by Monikwnek

Designing patterns is my passion! I specialize in creating stunning seamless patterns suitable for textiles, t-shirts, notebooks, and more. You can choose the number of elements in the pattern and the colors you’d like.

If you already have artwork that you’d like turned into a seamless pattern, just reach out to me. I’ll provide a custom offer just for you.

With my offer, you’ll receive:

  • The source file in the format of your choice (AI, PSD, EPS, etc.)
  • A preview file in JPG, PNG, or PDF format
  • A seamless tile with no background in 1×1 and 2×2 sizes
  • A seamless tile with a background in the color of your choice

Please note, if you want full copyright of the pattern, you’ll need to purchase a Commercial Use License.

3 – Design jersey pattern or template for sewing or sublimation by Asad9863

I am here to DESIGN YOUR PATTERNS OR TEMPLATES for Sports Apparel for large-scale cutting and sublimation printing.

As a highly experienced pattern maker in the sports and garments industries, I have completed countless projects involving sports apparel patterns and possess extensive experience in pattern making and grading. I work quickly and efficiently to produce high-quality results.

I can design patterns and templates for any type of sportswear, fitness wear, MMA wear, casual wear, and more.

Before placing your order, please reach out to me to confirm the feasibility of your project and to ensure that I can meet your needs.

4 – Design fashion textile patterns for women, men, kids wear by Alexandrabalt

As an Industrial, Fashion Accessories, and Textile Designer, I bring expertise and experience to the table.

My areas of specialization include:

  1. Designing fashion handbags, school backpacks, luggage, and wallets
  2. Creating handbags with licensed artwork from popular brands like Disney, Sanrio, and Mattel.
  3. Designing stylish jewelry pieces and collections.
  4. Creating patterns and graphics for clothing (including women’s, men’s, and kids’ wear) and home textiles.

I have an eye for incorporating the latest trends into my projects and am eager to collaborate with you.

5 – Create customized pattern illustration by Ruangsore

Please reach out to me and send a brief before placing an order. I will create a high-quality seamless pattern for you. If you are a recurring client or interested in a long-term relationship, I can offer special pricing, just ask! We can discuss adding more elements or making a package deal for multiple orders.

My design techniques are digital and my style is a cartoon. This pattern is suitable for accessories and the theme is objects.


How do you sell sewing patterns online?

To sell sewing patterns online, you can follow these steps:
Choose your platform: There are several online marketplaces and websites that allow you to sell sewing patterns, such as Etsy, Spoonflower, and Craftsy. Choose the platform that best fits your needs and target audience.
Create a digital pattern: Design your pattern using digital design software and save it in a file format that is easy to download and print. Make sure the pattern is clear, precise, and easy to follow.
List your pattern: Once you have chosen your platform and created your pattern, create a listing for your pattern on the platform. Make sure to include a clear description of your pattern, as well as photos that showcase your design.
Price your pattern: Determine a fair price for your pattern based on the time and effort you put into it, as well as the value you believe it brings to your customers.
Promote your pattern: Share your pattern on social media and other online communities to reach a wider audience. Consider offering special promotions or discounts to attract new customers.
Fulfill orders: When a customer buys your pattern, make sure to fulfill their order promptly and provide excellent customer service.
Continuously improve your patterns and marketing strategies: Regularly review customer feedback and make improvements to your patterns as needed. Continuously refine your marketing strategies to reach more customers and increase sales.

What challenges do crochet pattern designers and sellers encounter?

Crochet pattern designers and sellers may encounter several challenges, including:
Competition: With a large number of crochet patterns available online, it can be difficult to stand out and attract customers.
Intellectual Property Rights: Protecting the originality of crochet patterns can be a challenge, as patterns can easily be copied and shared without permission.
Difficulty in Writing Patterns: Writing clear and precise crochet patterns that are easy to follow can be challenging for some designers.
Limited Reach: Reaching a wider audience and getting noticed in a crowded market can be difficult for crochet pattern designers and sellers, especially for those just starting out.
Technical Challenges: Delivering patterns in a digital format that is easy to download and access can pose technical challenges for designers and sellers.
Customer Service: Providing excellent customer service and responding promptly to customer inquiries and feedback can be time-consuming and challenging.
Marketing: Developing and executing effective marketing strategies to reach a wider audience and increase sales can be a challenge for crochet pattern designers and sellers.

What is factory pattern design?

Factory pattern design is a creational design pattern in software engineering that provides a solution for creating objects in a superclass but allows subclasses to alter the type of objects that will be created. This pattern uses factory methods to create objects without specifying the exact class of object that will be created.
The factory pattern is used to create objects based on a set of rules or criteria, without having to specify the exact type of object that is being created. This pattern enables objects to be created based on a specific set of requirements, without having to directly instantiate the objects in the code.
The factory pattern is useful in situations where it is not possible to anticipate the exact type of object that will be needed, or when the type of object needs to be changed dynamically based on changing requirements. It can also be used to create objects that are part of a large hierarchy of objects, where the exact type of object to be created is determined by the specific criteria or rules that are used to create the obj

Final Thought

pattern design plays a crucial role in many industries and adds beauty, style, and creativity to various products and spaces. Whether creating a new design for a fashion line, wallpaper collection, or home goods, pattern designers bring their unique perspectives and aesthetics to each project. With the ever-growing demand for innovative and appealing designs, the field of pattern design is a rewarding and dynamic career choice for those with a passion for creativity and a strong eye for design

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