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Best 5 Freelance Illustrations for Children

illustrations for children
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Illustrations for kids are a form of art that is used to keep kids’ attention and help them learn. Illustrations bring stories to life and captivate readers, providing an immersive experience and helping to create memories that last a lifetime. Illustrations, like those in cartoons, comic books, and picture books, give visual clues and can be a fun addition to any text-based material.

1 – Draw a digital hand drawn for coloring book page by Hend_draw

Are you looking for custom illustrations for an adult coloring book?

I offer a service where you can provide me with a theme or design, and I will draw a black-and-white illustration to your specifications. Whether you need floral designs, animals, birds, or human characters, I have the skills to create just what you’re looking for.

Don’t hesitate – if you are interested in this service, please reach out to me first before ordering. Thanks!

2 – Do an illustration of anything that you want bY Samuelebs

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind illustration?

I offer custom illustrations to fit your needs – whether it’s your favorite character, a portrait of yourself with someone else, or just something unique that you have in mind. No matter what the occasion is – be it a birthday, anniversary, special holiday, or even something more general like profile pictures and banners – I can create just the right image to suit your needs. Reach out to me today if you’d like an individualized illustration!

3 – Create real retro pixel art by Surajrenuka

Are you looking for unique, retro pixel art graphics?

With my service, you can have custom characters and backgrounds designed for your game or application – or any other business needs – with minimal effort!

I offer packages to suit your needs, too: from larger characters and backgrounds to animated backgrounds, portraits, logos, and more. If there’s something special that you need, just let me know before placing an order so I can create the perfect pixel art for your project.

4 – Create artistic vector illustrations by Fmuqodas

Have you been looking for a reliable source to make your illustrations come to life?

Look no further! I specialize in illustration and vector conversion for print usage using CorelDraw, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Additionally, please be sure to contact me before placing your order so we can agree on a price. By making revisions, you can make small adjustments to improve the design as needed. However, pose, stance, gesture, expression, view angle, adding new objects, and changing or replacing the design from the original order are not allowed. Finally, after your order is complete I will send you the source file.

5 – Draw beautiful anime art illustrations by Nogatsu

Have you been looking for professional digital illustrations for a special project?

I’ve provided hundreds of amazing illustrations for various projects, such as book covers, birthdays, avatars, visual novels, and more.

Keep in mind that none of my packages include commercial services – check out extra services to get complete customizations like backgrounds, weapons, pets, accessories, and more. Furthermore, make sure you have good quality references such as poses, characters, and expressions before placing an order – better references mean better results! Lastly, major revisions will only be available on sketches. NSFW (R18+) requests are not accepted.


I wrote a 10-page children’s book. I’m in the process of finding an illustrator for it. What is a fair amount to pay the illustrator?

Finding the right illustrator for your children’s book can be a daunting task. However, it is important to consider what is a fair amount to pay them. Depending on the complexity of your project, you should anticipate paying anywhere from $50 to $200 USD per page, which would total up to $500-$2000 USD depending on the size of your book.

What are some of the best illustrations of Thirukural for children?

Here are some of the best illustrations of Thirukural for children: Chitra Kural is a great illustrated version of Thirukkural with beautiful pictures and stories to explain each couplet, making it perfect for kids.
Thirukkural – A Fun Way To Learn is an engaging way to learn the wisdom of Thirukkural through fun activities and puzzles, making it highly recommended for children.
Picture Book Of Thirukkurals For Kids offers beautiful illustrations and colorful visuals, helping children understand and appreciate each couplet in an interesting manner.

How long does it take professional illustrators to create illustrations for a children’s book that is approx 22 pages, that include a good deal of detail?

On average, professional illustrators can take anywhere from two to four weeks to create illustrations for a 22-page children’s book with a good deal of detail. Depending on the complexity and number of revisions, it may take longer than this.

How much should a children’s book illustrator charge for his or her services?

It depends on the complexity of the illustrations, the number of revisions needed, and the illustrator’s experience. Generally, children’s book illustrators charge between \$500 to \$3000 per project. It is important to keep in mind that this price can be higher or lower depending on the situation.

What is the role of illustration in children’s literature?

Illustrations play an important role in children’s literature by helping to bring the stories to life. They can also help young readers connect with characters and understand difficult concepts, giving them a lasting memory of the story that they can carry with them as they grow. Additionally, illustrations are often used to add atmosphere or further develop storylines, making books more engaging.

Final thought

Illustrations offer a unique way to engage with stories and educate children in an enjoyable way. With the right techniques, artists can create vivid pictures that both inform and entertain young readers. As these kids grow older, they will remember the adventure of discovering these wonderful images in the context of their favorite book or cartoon series. Illustrations for Children provide endless ways to explore our imagination, learn about new topics, or simply enjoy some entertainment.

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