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Best 5 freelance Long-Term Collaborations

long term collaborations
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Maya Khans

Long-term collaborations refer to partnerships that exist between individuals or organizations for an extended period. These collaborations are based on trust, mutual understanding, and a shared vision. They can be seen in various settings, such as academia, research, business, and community development. Long-term collaborations are essential for achieving sustainable outcomes, as they provide stability, promote innovation, and foster long-lasting relationships. In this essay, we will explore the benefits of long-term collaborations and discuss some strategies for creating successful partnerships.

1- Be your model and influencer on my verified tiktok or Instagram by Maya__m

I am a UK-based individual who works as a model, content creator, and influencer. I have a verified account on TikTok with more than 100,000 followers, and on Instagram, I have over 30,000 followers. For many years, creating content has been a passion of mine, and I have received recognition for my work on multiple news sites. My areas of expertise include lifestyle, fashion, beauty, healthy living, and fitness.

When it comes to content creation, I am capable of generating ideas, creating content from scratch, adding a storyline to it, and modeling your ideas on my social media platforms. We can discuss everything together to achieve the best possible outcome. The attached screenshot shows my social media statistics, and the following is a list of my Instagram followers by country:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Germany

My followers are aged between 18-44 years old, with a 60% female and 40% male ratio. On average, my posts receive 3,000-7,000 likes, 70-150 comments, and 700-3,000 saves.

As for TikTok, my followers are primarily from the USA, UK, Germany, France, and Poland, with a 66.5% female and 33.5% male audience.

2 – Post your reel on my 700k followers Instagram account by Sharik7889

With a following of 700k on Instagram, we offer shoutouts to individuals. Feel free to message us for any inquiries before placing an order.

For a fee of $25, you will receive the following basic package:

  • A one-week reel collaboration.

Please note that while collaborations can help promote your Instagram account, product, or brand, we cannot guarantee a specific number of likes or followers.

3 – Negotiate Instagram, youtube, and Facebook influencers by Socialistic

Welcome, business owners. Thank you for visiting my influencer marketing gig. Your presence here shows that you are dedicated to growing your business. As an experienced influencer marketer and manager with three years of experience, I have worked with over 100 businesses.

Here are the types of campaigns that I have recently worked on:

  • Barter collaboration/gift collaboration with influencers
  • Sponsored videos on Instagram influencer pages
  • Sponsored content on Instagram influencer pages (feed posts, reels, stories)
  • Product unboxing and reviews
  • Ads created by Instagram influencers

I have expertise in the following niches:

  • Beauty
  • Wellness
  • Finance
  • Kitchen
  • Pet
  • Travel
  • Skincare
  • Home Decor
  • Crypto
  • DIY

4 –  Be your skincare, beauty, ugc creator tiktok Instagram Mayra20

I am a beauty influencer, Instagram influencer, and brand promoter. I can assist you in promoting your brand and profile on my Instagram account, which has over 40k followers, and my TikTok account, which has 3k followers. Please contact me before sending any products.

We will work together to select the articles that we will advertise, taking into account my style and the market’s needs. In the post caption, I will include your Instagram page/profile, website, and any other information you prefer.

Additionally, I will create an Instagram story and add the article’s link to encourage my followers to purchase it.

To get a better idea of how I promote products, please check out my Instagram profile @mayramrtnez. Together, we can make it work. I look forward to working with you!

5 – Create ugc content with and or for your product or website Esmifit


What are the biggest (global) problems/challenges facing humanity and our planet?

There are many significant challenges facing humanity and our planet, but some of the most pressing ones include:
Climate Change: The Earth’s temperature is rising due to the increase in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, which is causing extreme weather events, melting glaciers and ice caps, rising sea levels, and other negative impacts.
Biodiversity Loss: The loss of biodiversity, including the destruction of natural habitats and the extinction of species, is a major concern as it threatens the health and stability of ecosystems and the services they provide, such as food, water, and clean air.
Poverty and Inequality: The gap between the rich and poor continues to widen, and poverty remains a significant problem in many parts of the world, leading to issues such as poor health, lack of education, and limited access to basic necessities like food and water.
Conflict and Violence: Wars, terrorism, and other forms of violence continue to threaten global stability, resulting in displacement, loss of life, and damage to infrastructure and economies.
Resource Depletion: The depletion of natural resources such as water, arable land, and fossil fuels is a growing concern, as these resources are essential to human survival and economic development.
Public Health Emergencies: Pandemics and other public health emergencies can have devastating impacts on global health and economies, as seen with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Technological Risks: The rapid pace of technological advancement can bring new benefits, but also poses significant risks such as cyber-attacks, artificial intelligence going rogue, and nuclear war.
Governance Challenges: The challenges of managing global issues require effective governance and cooperation, but global institutions and governance structures have proven to be inadequate to address these challenges.

Is a Scrum Master role really relevant in the long run? Can the development pod not hire a Scrum Master role for a short term and then subsequently engineers within the team take turns to own the collaboration and user story pointing?

The Scrum Master role is a crucial one in agile development, and its relevance is unlikely to diminish in the long run. The Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that the development team is adhering to Scrum processes, facilitating communication and collaboration between team members, and removing any impediments that may be hindering progress.
While it’s possible for a development pod to hire a Scrum Master for a short term, the benefits of having a dedicated Scrum Master over a longer period are significant. This person brings a specific set of skills and expertise to the team, including knowledge of agile methodologies and experience in managing teams and projects.
Moreover, the Scrum Master role is more than just facilitating communication and collaboration. A Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that the team is following the agile principles, promoting continuous improvement, and helping the team to identify and address issues that may be affecting their productivity.
While it’s possible for engineers within the team to take turns owning collaboration and user story points, it’s not an ideal solution. This approach can be disruptive to the team’s progress, as the engineer responsible for Scrum Master duties may not have the necessary skills or experience to perform the role effectively.

What are the long-term prospects for a collaborative relationship between China and Australia? Are there potential inflection points going forward?

The long-term prospects for a collaborative relationship between China and Australia are uncertain, and there are potential inflection points going forward.
On one hand, China and Australia have a long history of economic and diplomatic ties, with trade and investment being the backbone of their relationship. China is Australia’s largest trading partner, and Australia is a significant supplier of resources and agricultural products to China. Both countries have also collaborated in various areas, including education, tourism, and cultural exchange.
On the other hand, tensions between China and Australia have escalated in recent years, largely due to political and ideological differences, as well as strategic competition in the Asia-Pacific region. This has led to various disputes, such as trade barriers, political interference, cyber-attacks, and military posturing. In addition, Australia’s stance on China’s human rights record, particularly in relation to Hong Kong and Xinjiang, has also strained their relationship.
Going forward, there are potential inflection points that could shape the future of the China-Australia relationship. One key factor is the evolving geopolitical landscape in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly with the rise of China as a global power and its increasing assertiveness in the region. This could lead to further competition and tensions between China and Australia, particularly in areas such as trade, investment, and security.
Another factor is the domestic politics of both countries, which could influence their respective foreign policies and attitudes toward each other. For example, changes in leadership, shifts in public opinion, and economic or social crises could all impact the trajectory of their relationship.
Overall, while there are opportunities for collaboration between China and Australia, the long-term prospects for their relationship remain uncertain, and future developments will largely depend on how their respective interests, values, and strategic priorities evolve over time.

Final thought

Long-term collaborations are crucial for achieving meaningful outcomes in various settings. These partnerships provide stability, promote innovation, and foster long-lasting relationships. To create successful collaborations, it is essential to build trust, establish clear goals and objectives, and maintain open communication channels. Additionally, it is crucial to have a shared vision, values, and priorities. Long-term collaborations require commitment, patience, and a willingness to work through challenges and conflicts. When done correctly, long-term collaborations can be powerful tools for achieving sustainable outcomes and making a positive impact in the world.

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