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Portraits and caricatures A “designer” refers to an individual or a team that creates portraits and caricatures, either by hand or using digital tools. A portrait is a picture of a person that looks like them, while a caricature is a picture that is exaggerated and shows off the person’s unique features and traits. Portrait and caricature designers can work in various fields such as advertising, editorial, and entertainment, among others.

1 – Make awesome wpap pop art portrait by Adamkhabibi

We are a professional team of Digital Illustrators with over nine years of experience. Our passion is in creating unique pop art and other fantastic art styles for the world to enjoy. We strive to provide excellent service to ensure our client’s satisfaction and foster great business relationships.

2 – Draw cute portraits, couple or family portraits in my style by Velien

I will draw a personalized illustration of you, your couple, or your family, based on your provided photos, in my unique style. Please provide me with the desired background, color scheme, frame, clothes, eye colors, pose preference, if any, and any other important details you would like me to include. I will create a sketch/draft first and once it is confirmed, I will line and color it.

3 – Draw a portrait-style caricature from a photo by Pencilillness

Get a professional, joyful caricature or cartoon portrait of 1 person (head, shoulders, hands) delivered as a JPG file with a high resolution of 4000×4000 pixels and 600 dpi. If you need a different dimension, just let the artist know. To order, send a message with details (theme, text, etc.) and a high-quality photo (minimum 300 dpi) and then place the order.

After receiving the illustration, you can complete the order and leave a review. The better quality of the photo, the better the results. For special requests, message the artist first. The illustration style is realistic.

4 – Draw a digital oil painting based on your photo by Dedicahmad

My painting process involves tracing an original photo for the best results. To achieve this, it is important to provide a high-resolution photo. The final outcome of the painting is dependent on the quality of the original photo. If you have a custom order, it is recommended to contact the artist first to discuss the project and provide the photo and details/concept. The artist will strive to understand your needs and deliver the best result.

Please note that the artist cannot create custom poses, figures, or outfits, or draw from sketches or in a custom painting style. Also, very blurry or damaged photos are not accepted. This service is digital and not a physical painting. The final product will be delivered as a digital file in either JPG/JPEG or PNG format with a printable resolution of 6000px at 300dpi and full-color background.

5 – Draw cute couple and wedding portraits illustrating by Studioation

Get a cute illustration of you, your partner, or your family portrait! The default size is 20 inches by 24 inches, but you can request a different size by mentioning it when you place the order or by sending a message beforehand. The illustration will be ready to print, using CMYK color, and with a high resolution of 300 dpi. Simply send the best photo you have and the artist will transform it into a beautiful illustration.

This illustration can be used for various purposes, such as for your wedding invitation, profile picture, print, framed family/couple portrait, poster, t-shirt, merchandise, as a gift for your loved ones, and many more. If you have any questions, feel free to send a message. The illustration type is a portrait and the style is watercolor. Cheers!


What is the difference between a Portrait and a Caricature?

A portrait is a realistic picture of a person or scene that is usually made to capture the likeness of the subject. A caricature is a distorted or exaggerated version of a person or scene that is usually made to make the subject look funny or silly.

Artists dead or alive. Who would you ask to paint or draw your portrait or caricature?

The answer to this question would depend on the style and look that you are after. Some of the most well-known and acclaimed artists who are still alive today include Banksy, Bob Ross, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Michelangelo, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. If you are looking for a more contemporary artist, you could consider Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, Damien Hirst, or Ai Weiwei.

If you asked a caricature artist to do your portrait, but you hated it, would you refuse to pay?

Yes, you should refuse to pay. The artist has not fulfilled the agreement by providing a satisfactory portrait. If you explain your dissatisfaction to the artist, they may be willing to rework the portrait or offer a refund.

Final thought

Portraits & Caricatures Designers are artists who bring their creativity and technical skills to produce unique and captivating images of individuals. Their work serves to preserve memories, capture the essence of a person, or provide humor and entertainment. Whether working with traditional methods or digital tools, Portraits & Caricatures Designers are an essential part of the art world, enriching it with their distinctive perspectives and perspectives.

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