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streams with overlays
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Maya Khans

Streams with overlays are a way for streamers to add extra depth and customization to their streaming experience. They let streamers use their streaming software to make logos, visual effects, thumbnails, and more. By combining different elements like animations and images, they can bring a new level of engagement and interactivity to their viewers.

1 – Design twitch logo, stream animated overlay twitch stream package screen panels by Overlays_twitch

we offer high-quality Twitch logos, animated Twitch stream overlays, and custom Twitch stream packages.

Our best-selling package is the Animated Stream Package which includes a Twitch logo, six animated screens, six animated alerts, an animated facecam overlay, an animated bar overlay, and a stringer transition screen plus panels.

Additional gig extras such as emotes, logo intros, health bars, and banners are also available.

2 – Design cute twitch stream overlays and panels by Daimiuk

If you’re looking for a custom professional Twitch logo design, overlays, screens, banners, panels, and alerts, then you’ve come to the right place! Our packages include:

Level 1

  • Unlimited Panels/Buttons
  • Offline screen

Level 2

  • Overlay (including facecam)
  • 5 Alerts (Donation, Follower, Sub, Host Raid, and Bits)
  • 5 Screens (Offline, Starting, BRB, Ending, and Just Chatting)
  • Unlimited Panels/Buttons

Max Level (Twitch Channel Branding Package)

  • Professional Custom Logo Design + Source File
  • Overlay (including face cam)
  • 5 Alerts (Donation, Follower, Sub, Host Raid, and Bits)
  • 6 Screens (Offline, Starting, BRB, Ending. Just Chatting and Intermission)
  • Unlimited Panels/Buttons – Twitch Banner

3 – Design twitch logo, stream animated overlay twitch stream package screens panels by Overlays_twitch

Get the best quality Twitch logo, animated Twitch stream overlays, and a custom Twitch stream package from us! Our packages include: Animated Twitch Stream Package (Favourite)

  • Twitch Logo
  • 6 Animated Screens
  • 6 Animated Alerts
  • Animated Facecam Overlay
  • Animated Bar Overlay
  • Stringer Transition Screen
  • Panels
  • Check Gig Extras for Emotes, Logo Intro, Health Bar, Banners, etc.

Static Twitch Stream Package

  • Twitch Logo
  • 6 Screens
  • 6 Alerts
  • Facecam Overlay – Bar Overlay – 10 Panels

Basic Twitch Stream Package

  • 10 Panels

Please note: all screens, alerts, and panels will be of the same design. We do not provide background music/3D animations. Revisions after approval of the design will cost extra. Contact us in advance if you have any queries or if your project is complex – prices vary depending on project details. Choose us and we’ll make sure you’re part of the process! We will show you progress on each stage to ensure that the logo, overlays, screens etc are according to your desire and provide unlimited revisions until you’re satisfied 🙂

4 – Do animated twitch starting soon screen, twitch brb screen twitch offline screen by Overlays_twitch

Get eye-catching, jaw-dropping, and engaging screens designed for Twitch streamers, Facebook streamers, YouTube streamers, and gamers. Our packages include: Silver Static Twitch Screen Package

  • 1 Screen

Gold Static Twitch Screens Package

  • 5 Static Screens: Twitch Starting Soon, Be Right Back (BRB) Screen, Ending Soon Screen, Offline & Pause Break Screen

Diamond Animated Twitch Screens Package

  • 6 Animated Screens: Starting Soon, Be Right Back (BRB), Offline, Pause Break, Ending Soon & Intermission

Please note: you must provide the source file of the logo if you want to incorporate it into the screens. If you do not have a logo and want it to be added to the screens, please select it from Gig Extras. The package includes all the screens with the same design and theme; if you want different designs for different screens, please select them from our Gig Extras. Prices may vary depending on project details – contact us in advance to discuss your project if your requirements are too high or too detailed.

5 – Create a cute hand-animated twitch overlay by Littleshadowart

Get custom Twitch stream packages tailored to your needs and get the best quality logo, animated Twitch stream overlays, and screens. Get creative with extras such as hand-drawn backgrounds, hand-drawn chibi, and animations. Our packages include: Basic Package

  • 1 Overlay/Screen (e.g., an Ingame Overlay OR a Be Right Back Screen)

Standard Package

  • 2 Overlays/Screens (e.g., an Ingame Overlay AND a Be Right Back Screen)

Premium Package

  • 3 Overlays/Screens (e.g., an Ingame Overlay, a Be Right Back Screen, AND a Starting Soon Screen)

Please Note: prices may vary depending on the complexity of the project; additional charges may be applicable for Extras such as Hand-Drawn Backgrounds (starting at $110), Hand-Drawn Chibis ($35), and Animations (starting at $20).


How could I record a streaming video in vlc, with the overlay image I add?

You can record a streaming video in VLC with an overlay image by following these steps: Open the VLC media player
Go to Media > Open Network Stream
Paste the URL of the streaming video and click Play
Go to Tools > Effects and Filters or press Ctrl+E on your keyboard
Go to the Video Effects tab and tick the checkbox Overlay
Click on the button next to it and select your desired overlay image
Go to View > Advanced Controls (or press Ctrl+Shift+E) on your keyboard
Press the red record button at the bottom of the window to start recording the stream with your overlay image

What is a stream overlay?

A stream overlay is a graphic that you can display on your stream when you’re life. It usually covers the entire stream window and contains information about your channel like your logo, game name, social media links, sponsors, etc. Stream overlays usually have transparency so they don’t obstruct other content — such as gameplay — in the background.

How do I set up a best-looking Twitch stream with all useful overlays and alerts?

Setting up a best-looking Twitch stream with all useful overlays and alerts requires careful planning. Decide on the overall look and feel of your stream – the colors, the font, etc. You should also decide on elements such as transition text, counting or scoreboard graphics, and other visual elements you want to include.
Create custom overlays – this will involve creating banners, image overlays, video overlays, and audio overlays that can be used in your stream content.
Set up alert sounds – create different sound clips that are played when viewers donate money or follow your channel for example.
Add live chat widgets – make sure to customize the look of the chat window to match your chosen theme.
Find a reliable broadcasting software – this will depend on your setup and preference but there are many options available, from free open-source software like OBS to more advanced streaming suites from companies like Streamlabs or XSplit Broadcaster.
Test everything out before going live – make sure that all elements are working properly before you start streaming to avoid any unexpected surprises during your show!

Final thought

Streams with overlays are an excellent way for streamers to engage with their viewers and add a personalized touch to their channels. Through the use of visuals, they can make each livestream unique while giving their audience something special to look forward to during each session. In the end, streams with overlays provide streamers with an invaluable tool for connecting with viewers in exciting new ways.

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