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Maya Khans

Technical drawing is an important skill for bag designers to possess. It is the process of creating precise, accurate, and detailed drawings of bags that are used to communicate the design to manufacturers and other team members. Technical drawings show how big the bags are, what materials they are made of, how they are put together, and other important details that are needed to make high-quality bags. In this context, technical drawings is essential for bag designers, as they ensure that the end product meets the desired specifications and design intent. This skill is particularly crucial for designers who create technical drawings using computer-aided design software (CAD), since it has become an industry standard.

1 – Do a detail and stunning bag illustration by Florenciaiw

Get an impressive and intricately-detailed illustration of your bag design from Florenciaiw on Fiverr. With expertise in bag illustration, she offers stunning drawings that capture the essence of your design. Choose from her available package options, and trust in her top-rated seller status to deliver quality work

2 – Design fashion handbag, bags, backpack and accessories by Studiokeyko

Keyko Design is a boutique Design Studio, established in 2015, located in the European Union. I’m Izabela, the owner with 19 years of experience in fashion design and production, We are specialized in fashion accessories as: – handbags, – backpacks, – wallets, – belts, – scarfs, – hats, – textile graphics design/ seamless repeat patterns (for fashion and home). We are very strong with the international fashion trends. We may design very commercial or trends-focused window/image items.

3 – Design kids backpack handbag bag by Studiokeyko

Keyko Design is a Design Studio that was established in 2015 and operates out of the European Union. Izabela, the owner, has over 19 years of experience in fashion design and production. The studio specializes in designing a wide range of fashion accessories such as handbags, backpacks, wallets, belts, scarfs, hats, and textile graphics. With a keen eye for international fashion trends, Keyko Design is capable of designing both commercial and trend-focused window/image items. Additionally, the studio is proficient in creating seamless repeat patterns for both fashion and home purposes.

4 – Design your backpack, handbag, bag, wallet, and luggage, and make a tech pack by Rachmadap

My name is Rachmad, and I am a professional footwear designer with a degree in Footwear Design. I graduated from the Academy of Leather Technology Yogyakarta and have since been involved in the research and development of shoes and bags. With over five years of experience in the development process, I am highly skilled in the design and creation of various products, including footwear, bags, leather goods, and luggage. I have a passion for drawing and creating unique designs that are both functional and stylish.

5 -Make tech packs and designs for bags by Firozapparel4

I possess the expertise to design and develop a variety of accessories including handbags, backpacks, wallets, purses, luggage bags, belts, small leather goods, and more. Whether you have a rough concept or a specific design in mind, I can work with you to bring your ideas to life. To ensure that your project aligns with your budget, please feel free to message me with your specific inquiries, and I can customize my gigs accordingly. As a responsive designer, I make every effort to respond to messages promptly.


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Does the word ‘valise’ refer to a specific bag design or will any small bag do?

The word “valise” typically refers to a specific type of small, rectangular suitcase or traveling bag that is typically used for short trips. A valise usually has a flat bottom and a hinged lid that opens along the longer side of the rectangle. It often has a handle on the top, and may have a shoulder strap as well.
While the word “valise” specifically refers to this type of rectangular suitcase or traveling bag, it is possible that the term could be used more broadly to refer to any small bag that is used for travel or other purposes. However, it is more common to use more specific terms, such as “backpack,” “duffel bag,” or “tote bag,” to refer to bags of different sizes and shapes that are used for specific purposes.

How much royalty should a bag designer get for per piece sold in a collaboration?

The amount of royalty that a bag designer should receive for each piece sold in a collaboration can vary depending on several factors, including the specific terms of the collaboration agreement, the designer’s level of experience and reputation, and the popularity of the brand or company they are collaborating with.
Typically, the royalty rate for a designer in a collaboration can range from 2% to 10% of the wholesale price of the product. The wholesale price is the price at which the product is sold to retailers, and it is usually lower than the retail price.
For example, if a designer’s royalty rate is 5% and the wholesale price of a bag is $50, then the designer would receive $2.50 for each bag sold. However, it’s important to note that the specific terms of the collaboration agreement can affect the royalty rate, so it’s important to carefully review the agreement and negotiate the terms to ensure that the designer is fairly compensated for their work.

Final thought

technical drawing is an essential skill for bag designers. It allows them to communicate their ideas and designs accurately to manufacturers and other team members. Without technical drawings, the final product may not meet the desired specifications, and mistakes can be made during the manufacturing process. Therefore, bag designers should strive to improve their technical drawing skills and utilize the latest technology such as CAD software to create precise and detailed drawings. By doing so, designers can ensure that their bags meet their vision and perform as intended, resulting in happy customers and a successful business.

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