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Individuals who specialize in generating original typefaces and type families for commercial use are known as “freelance font designers.” They play a significant role in the design sector because they are in charge of producing fonts for a range of projects, including logos, advertisements, books, magazines, and websites. Any piece of work can stand out from the crowd thanks to the unique capacity of independent font designers to build a special typeface for a particular need. They can produce a typeface that looks polished and well-designed by taking into account the many typographic components, such as x-height, weight, and spacing. They can also alter already-existing typefaces to meet the needs of a customer.

1 – Make a custom font for you to use in your projects by Ridabargoute

To get started, I would need a sample from the client or a detailed description of the desired font. Additionally,

I would need to know the language the font is intended for, and any special features they desire (such as OpenType features, kerning, ligatures, multi-color, etc.).

2 – Create a custom font for your business in ttf or otf by Apexdsigner

I will create a custom font for your brand, art, projects, or business, in .ttf, .otf, and .woff formats. It will be compatible with any software and operating system and can be used in Word or any other graphic program. The delivery will include desktop (.otf or .ttf), web (.woff and .woff2), and vector (.ai and .eps) versions. Additionally, I can provide font development, design, kerning, creation, logo integration, symbol integration, customization, handwriting integration, typeface customization, font information, stroke/oneliner fonts, and additional glyphs.

3 – Design or adjust your otf or ttf font by Theapollodesign

Additional Services (upon request) Font Conversion and Glyph Creation Custom Kerning Character Set Extension Multi-language Support

TTF and OTF Formats (Windows & Mac) WOFF Format (Web Fonts) PDF and JPEG Font presentation Proof of ownership

4 – Do font logo, typography, and custom font design for you by Colorqo

I am here to help you create an attractive, professional font from your hand drawing/idea/design. With my pro graphic design skills, you can have a font that you can use in Microsoft Word or any other text editing software and make sure it looks great to your clients. Let me help you make your vision a reality!

5 – Create modify and design amazing fonts by Minesoul

Create custom fonts and assign specific keys to them for use in branding, designing, videography, typography, animations, cricut-ready and print-ready projects,

logos, and banners.

and multiple language support across Windows and Mac platforms.


Has anyone used Tailor Brands, or sites like it, for brand/logo/font design?

Yes, many people have used Tailor Brands, or sites like it, for brand/logo/font design. Tailor Brands is a popular online platform that helps businesses create custom logos and other branding materials with its AI-powered design tools. Other popular online sites for logo design include Logojoy, DesignEvo, and Logaster.

How do font designers get paid now that people are using Google Fonts or Adobe Fonts (online)?

Font designers typically get paid through licensing fees. When Google Fonts or Adobe Fonts offer a font for free, the designer is typically paid through a lump sum licensing fee that is paid upfront. They may also receive additional payments from the companies based on the usage of the font. Additionally, some font designers may choose to offer a paid version of their font through their own website.

Which new font designed specifically for ebook readers do you prefer: Amazon’s Bookerly or Google’s Literata?

It depends on what type of ebook reader I am using and what type of font style I prefer. Both Amazon’s Bookerly and Google’s Literata offer visually appealing fonts that make reading easier on the eyes. It really comes down to personal preference when choosing between the two.

Who are some good Indian font designers on Quora, or otherwise?

. Suman Bose: An award-winning Indian typeface designer, Suman Bose has been designing typefaces since the late 1990s. 2. Satya Rajpurohit: Satya is an Indian type designer and typographer who has designed a variety of typefaces for different scripts. 3. Raghunath Joshi: Raghunath is an Indian type designer who creates typefaces for both Latin and Indian scripts. 4. Rajesh Kejriwal: Rajesh is an Indian type designer who has designed a variety of typefaces for both Latin and Indian scripts. 5. Sumit Kumar: Sumit is an Indian type designer who has designed a variety of typefaces for both Latin and Indian scripts.

Final thought

The design community benefits greatly from the distinct and innovative approaches that independent font designers bring to typeface design. With their skill, they can produce distinctive and customized typefaces that can enhance any design undertaking. Instead of hiring major font foundries, freelance font designers are frequently more affordable and can provide a more individualized experience that can help your design project stand out.

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