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Maya Khans

Game art, props, and objects refer to the various elements in a video game that are used to create a realistic and immersive environment. These include items such as furniture, weapons, vehicles, and other objects that can be found in the game world. The design and creation of these props and objects is an important aspect of game development, as they play a crucial role in shaping the player’s experience

1 – Create an animated game asset object property sprite sheet by Finnfirrior

Discover the ultimate professional illustration service here, where you can expect to receive high-quality, original drawings starting from sketch, including a Sprite sheet, PSD source file, JSON, and Dragon Bone File. What sets my gig apart is the unique opportunity to try before you buy with a free sketch upon inquiry, and a quick turnaround time at an affordable price. Rest assured, you never find any stock art or fake samples in my portfolio.

2 – Create and animate pixel art characters and objects by Mt_dev

Can you provide information about the character/object/asset you need, including the desired animations and color palette? Also, is there a specific video game style that you prefer? I guarantee on-time delivery, excellent customer service, and complete customer satisfaction with 100% original work that can be used as you see fit.

3 – Create pixel art effects of all kinds by Gandalfhardcore

Are you in need of professional and high-quality pixel art effects for your game or project? I can create a wide range of effects, including pixel-fire animations, bullets, and magic effects. I am able to deliver files in various formats such as PNG, JPEG, JPG, and sprite sheets. Please specify the exact effect you desire when placing an order, including any specific color or additional elements (e.g. green fire with smoke).

4 – Do low poly and hard surface 3d model in maya and blender by Fadi859

I am a 3D artist with over 6 years of experience in 3D modeling, specializing in hard surface modeling, UV mapping, texturing, animation, and rendering using Autodesk Maya. I am also proficient in using Blender and am familiar with industry standards. I can create custom high-poly 3D models, provide highly detailed models for games, movies, and other media, offer 3D basic animation in Maya, convert files between Maya and other software such as Blender, ZBrush, Houdini, FBX, and OBJ, create highly detailed building and sci-fi models, NFT art, and provide rendered images and animation of any scene in Maya.

5 – Create stylized, low poly models, game props, or asset packs by Revi_3d

I can create low poly, stylized 3D models or render images of a scene for your needs using Blender for modeling and sculpting, and Substance Painter and Photoshop for texturing. You can provide me with ideas or reference images, but please note that I am not as proficient in creating characters, animals, or vehicles. I can provide files in various formats such as FBX, OBJ, JPEG, PNG, GLB, BLEND, and PSD. Let’s create something beautiful together! You can see examples of my work in my portfolio.


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In what instances is it appropriate to capitalize important props, objects, and actions in a scene? Only the first time these things appear (like character names), or each and every time?

It is appropriate to capitalize important props, objects, and actions in a scene the first time they appear, similar to how character names are capitalized. This emphasizes their importance and helps to distinguish them from common nouns. It is not necessary to capitalize them each and every time they appear in the scene.

Can you pass a state as a state to a child object instead of passing it as a prop in React, or do states get passed as props automatically?

In React, the state is typically passed down from a parent component to its child components as props. However, it is also possible to pass a state object directly to a child component without first setting it as a prop on the parent component. This can be done using React’s “context” feature, which allows you to pass data through the component tree without having to pass props down through every level of the tree. However, this approach is generally less recommended, as it can make the component tree more difficult to understand and reason about.

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Final thought

Game art props and objects are a vital component of the overall game development process. They add depth and realism to the game world and help to immerse players in the experience. The design and creation of these props and objects require a combination of artistic skills and technical knowledge and are an essential part of bringing a game to life. Properly designed and implemented game art props and objects can help to make a game more engaging, and ultimately more successful.

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