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Top 5 Freelance Fonts & Calligraphy

font ana calligraphy
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Maya Khans

For good reason, fonts and calligraphy have been used for ages. They can leave a lasting impression on viewers and are good tools for showing ideas visually. Text and art, from ancient manuscripts to modern logos, can be used together to get ideas and feelings across. Learning about the history and techniques of fonts and calligraphy is a great way to improve your work, whether you’re a designer, a writer, or just someone who likes to make beautiful things.

1 – Design your name in Arabic calligraphy by Oussbilly

With my gig, you will get an amazing logo that is inspired by Arabic culture and is tailored to your specific needs. You will get the files in the format that has been shown in the packages. You will have a unique and eye-catching design that will make you stand out from the crowd.

2 – write anything in calligraphy within a custom silhouette by jaceypeake

Create your own unique phrase, slogan, or words of wisdom! I can make it look amazing in any style, color, and format you desire. Just tell me your specifications and I’ll have your custom design ready for you in less than 3 days. From clever quips to memorable mantras, let me help you express yourself in a creative and eye-catching way.

3 –  Make unique handwriting Japanese calligraphy for you by rrhamananda

I have extensive experience as an Illustrator specializing in Japanese-style artwork. I offer custom calligraphy services for a variety of needs, such as logos, storybook titles, store name boards, company names, and more. For added value, I also provide a premium service that includes concept and character design for novel covers. All artwork is provided in high resolution with source files and can be used commercially.

4 – Design Arabic Islamic calligraphy wall art by O


With my gig, you will get a beautiful wall art design with Arabic calligraphy that will bring a touch of Arabic culture to your home. I can write you phrases in Arabic or Quranic verses, create, redraw, or convert any image of Arabic calligraphy into a vector file with a connected vector for CNC and laser cutting.

5 – Write elegant Japanese calligraphy for any use by Fajrihaj

Before placing an order, please read the description carefully or contact me for further information to discuss your project. I have nine years of experience in Japanese calligraphy (shodo) and I will strive to provide the highest quality artwork for your project. My services can be used for any purpose, such as personal or commercial use (company, branding, logo, etc). I can also help convert words into Japanese or Chinese kanji. My services include Japanese/Chinese kanji, favorite Japanese kanji, words, idioms, anime, brand logos (material/highlight), hiragana, katakana, or kanji words, tattoo art design, and more. You will receive professional calligraphy artwork, great offers from package options, a calligrapher seal (for personal use projects), artwork in JPG or PNG format, and extra source files such as transparent art and PSD files.


Is there a calligraphy font for Microsoft Word?

Yes, there is a calligraphy font for Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word includes several calligraphy fonts that you can use to create professional-looking documents. To use a calligraphy font in Microsoft Word, you will need to open the Fonts window and select a font from the available calligraphy font options.

Are there any free fonts for Western letters that look like Chinese calligraphy?

Yes, there are several free fonts available that look like Chinese calligraphy but are written in Western letters. Examples include Chinese-type Regular, Chinese-type Outline, and Chinese-type New.

What are your favorite calligraphy fonts?

My favorite calligraphy fonts are Lobster, Dancing Script, Pacifico, Great Vibes, Allura, and Amatic SC.

Which Calligraphy font is this?

This calligraphy font is most likely a variation of the Trajan Pro font.

What is the name of the calligraphy font?

The name of the calligraphy font is Vivaldi.

What are some great calligraphy fonts?

. Bickham Script 2. Grand Hotel 3. Lobster 4. Monotype Corsiva 5. Great Vibes 6. Quigley Wiggly 7. Dancing Script 8. Allura 9. Pacifico 10. Black Jack

Final thought

Fonts and calligraphy can be used to make an impression, express emotion, and project professionalism. Understanding the background and methods of fonts and calligraphy may greatly enhance your work, whether you’re a designer, writer, or someone who simply appreciates producing something beautiful. You may leave a lasting impression on your visitors and communicate your thoughts in an original and compelling way with the correct art and text choices

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